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Life is Meant to Be Abundant

"The future belongs to the Seekers and to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams"


Desires and Goals

I have often (like all people) confused desires with goals.

We all know that we are HERE in this wonderful world to fulfill our HEART's DESIRE... and it's our job to find it. As years go by... I found myself wanting to fulfill my heart's desire and purpose. :)

All of them are in PRESENT TENSE.

ALL IN RED happened already

ALL IN Purple are GROWING/Learning,, (e.g. more books...)

ALL IN BLACK .... you figure it out. :)

But day by day..... each will turn to red :)

the ones that are on a LARGE font are most evident!


  • Everyone would know and remember WHO THEY ARE
  • I finished my 30 eyes assignments of Iridology
  • finish projects
  • have fun with my thesis I, pass my thesis I with no sweat...
  • have fun with my thesis II, pass my thesis II with no sweat...
  • Avail the Malaysia TRIP this year *done September 2007* .
  • Avail the Mediterrenean Cruise this year*cancelled*.
  • I am at Malaysia 2007.
  • I have my own domain name and be in WP *done Feb. 13 2008*
  • avail the trip in CHINA, Shanghai and Beijing *done December 8-18, 2006*
  • avail the trip in Hong Kong *done October 5-12,2006*
  • finish college ASAP..*done. October 15, 2007*
Updated: March 1, 2008
Note: I decided to keep my goals private from now on. I would reveal them here when they are done. :) Have a great Day! keep your desires and dreams happening!


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Blogger Jezza Says:

grabe,,, im happy for you that you are fulfilling your goals. ang dami mo nang nasisimulan..:) ako wala pa ata.

Blogger Regie Says:

power kaau ka partner!


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