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Life is Meant to Be Abundant

"The future belongs to the Seekers and to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams"


All That I Am

Life is a quest of knowing WHO YOU ARE and who you want to be. Life is a journey of remembering WHO YOU ARE.

In my quest.... I remember that.....

"I am what God says I am...."

  • *I am the ALCHEMIST
  • *I am the LIVING WORD
  • *I am the BREAD being EATEN
  • *I am MIDAS, everything i touch turns to GOLD
  • *I am a WINNER
  • *I am a CATALYST for change
  • *I am a MONEY MAGNET
  • *I am receiving money making ideas everyday
  • *I am receiving unexpected checks in the mail
  • *I am grateful and celebrate every day
  • I am the LOVE
  • I am the JOY
  • I am the BEAUTY that emanates from within...
  • I am a GOOD DRIVER
  • I am a LOVELY SINGER (haha!)


for this post

Blogger jireh Says:

hi tina! hmmm.. just want to ask if may ma recommend ka na part time job for me... :) or sideline na lng.. hehe :)

Blogger Edwin Says:

hello good driver, lovely singer.. bwahahahaha


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