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Life is Meant to Be Abundant

"The future belongs to the Seekers and to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams"



Why 13teenuh?

I was born on the 13th day of February, prior to what they say the number is to be a bad omen.. for me it is not. To think it's bad luck is a state of mind... and to think it's good is as well the same.

Since, I was born on the 13th day... I decided to embrace it as my favorite number. But, then 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 are numbers I enjoy as well. For reasons.... you have to find out. Hehe.

So you know why it's 13teen now. The reason for the additional "nuh" was because of a spiritual sister who called me "Ate Teenuh" on my "slum book"



My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Created by Eugene Villar.


Desires and Goals

I have often (like all people) confused desires with goals.

We all know that we are HERE in this wonderful world to fulfill our HEART's DESIRE... and it's our job to find it. As years go by... I found myself wanting to fulfill my heart's desire and purpose. :)

All of them are in PRESENT TENSE.

ALL IN RED happened already

ALL IN Purple are GROWING/Learning,, (e.g. more books...)

ALL IN BLACK .... you figure it out. :)

But day by day..... each will turn to red :)

the ones that are on a LARGE font are most evident!


  • Everyone would know and remember WHO THEY ARE
  • I finished my 30 eyes assignments of Iridology
  • finish projects
  • have fun with my thesis I, pass my thesis I with no sweat...
  • have fun with my thesis II, pass my thesis II with no sweat...
  • Avail the Malaysia TRIP this year *done September 2007* .
  • Avail the Mediterrenean Cruise this year*cancelled*.
  • I am at Malaysia 2007.
  • I have my own domain name and be in WP *done Feb. 13 2008*
  • avail the trip in CHINA, Shanghai and Beijing *done December 8-18, 2006*
  • avail the trip in Hong Kong *done October 5-12,2006*
  • finish college ASAP..*done. October 15, 2007*
Updated: March 1, 2008
Note: I decided to keep my goals private from now on. I would reveal them here when they are done. :) Have a great Day! keep your desires and dreams happening!



These are a few of my favorite things.........

Things I collect... Things I really like... and things I found out I am passionate over! :)

  • butterflies
  • health
  • wellness
  • youth & vitality
  • alternative medicine
  • sunshine
  • raindrops
  • rainbows
  • pink, white, and yellow, and liking apple-green now!!
  • sunflowers and lilies
  • roses and tulips,
  • ribbons and beads
  • snowflakes and magical dusts...
  • moon and stars
  • waterfalls, ocean and seas...
  • the beach!
  • ballpens and pencils
  • notebooks
  • books
  • movies


All That I Am

Life is a quest of knowing WHO YOU ARE and who you want to be. Life is a journey of remembering WHO YOU ARE.

In my quest.... I remember that.....

"I am what God says I am...."

  • *I am the ALCHEMIST
  • *I am the LIVING WORD
  • *I am the BREAD being EATEN
  • *I am MIDAS, everything i touch turns to GOLD
  • *I am a WINNER
  • *I am a CATALYST for change
  • *I am a MONEY MAGNET
  • *I am receiving money making ideas everyday
  • *I am receiving unexpected checks in the mail
  • *I am grateful and celebrate every day
  • I am the LOVE
  • I am the JOY
  • I am the BEAUTY that emanates from within...
  • I am a GOOD DRIVER
  • I am a LOVELY SINGER (haha!)


All that I Have

My daily Declarations, My Birth RIGHT.... I am claiming...

Identify yours... and Don't lose it like what Esau did!

  • *I have more riches than King Solomon's mines
  • *I have more than enough money for everything i want
  • *I have my dream home
  • *I have the BEST of everything
  • *There are more money being printed for me right now
  • I know when I ask for what I WANT, NO matter what it is that I WANT....NO matter how impossible it may seem. If i believe that i know that it is MINE... the answer must be... "Your wish is my command"
-taken from The Secret.